Cycle touring

There's something special about travelling by bike. It makes makes the journey more memorable. More enjoyable. More worthwhile.

I went on my first proper cycle tour with my Dad, at the age of 14. We spent two great weeks cycle camping in Brittany during one of the hottest summers of the late 1980s. It was one hell of an introduction.

There's nothing quite like the feeling of rolling into camp on a bike, having brought everything you need under your own steam.

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  1. Riding Lôn Cambria and Lôn Teifi

    Lôn Cambria and Lôn Teifi are two long distance cycle routes in Wales, and make up part of the UK's National Cycle Network. I rode them both (starting in Shrewsbury, finishing in Fishguard) in just over 4 days in April 2013. This is my write up.

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Articles on Cycle touring

  1. A night on Winter Hill

    Last Friday afternoon I was sat at my desk, wondering what to work on next. It was nearly 3pm, so late enough that I was unlikely to finish any of the tasks I could have started. I decided to go on a microadventure instead.

    The view from Winter Hill

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