A night on Winter Hill

Last Friday afternoon I was sat at my desk, wondering what to work on next. It was nearly 3pm, so late enough that I was unlikely to finish any of the tasks I could have started. I decided to go on a microadventure instead.

By 4pm I was home, pouring over an OS map. I was looking for some high ground that was close enough for me to reach by bike, before it went dark. Winter Hill (just north west of Bolton) caught my eye. I’d never been, but it looked like there were some remote bits. Nobody would know I was there.

It took me a couple of hours to assemble my kit, stuff it into my panniers, and nip out to buy some food.

I set off just after 6pm, and by the time I was 1 mile from home I felt like I was on holiday. I was loving it.

It took a couple of hours to get there, and another half hour to ride up to the top, and find a sheltered spot with a good view over Horwich and Wigan.

I spread out my sleeping bag, put on some warm clothes, and put the kettle on. This was my view as I waited for it to boil.

An evening on Winter Hill

If you’ve got a sleeping mat, a reasonable sleeping bag, and can find some cash for a bivvy bag, I heartily recommend this approach to kicking off your weekend!