Sunset over Skye

At the end of May I spent a night in Mallaig, on my way to the Knoydart peninsula.

From Mallaig you get a good view of the islands Eigg and Rùm, and the southern tip of the Isle of Skye. The weather forecast wasn't great, but you can't pay too much attention to that in Scotland…

If you click on a photo you'll get to see a bigger version on Flickr.

The first shot is of Eigg and Rùm. The next two were taken looking north west towards Skye.

Eigg and Rùm

Skye, from Mallaig

Sunset over Skye, from Mallaig

I also tried a bit of long exposure photography. I'd bought a neutral density filter for my camera which would cut out most of the light and let the shutter stay open for up to a minute. You can get some nice effects with moving water, and this was the first proper chance I had to try it.

Shooting into the sun

Long exposure, Skye from Mallaig

I'd had a first go earlier in the evening from the beach. Composition isn't that great, but it's a start.

Mallaig beach, with Skye

A good start to the holiday. :-)