Riding with grass up the middle

Yesterday, I went on my first ride with Grass Up the Middle CC.

All you really need to know about this club is that it's about riding at speeds that encourage good chat, on quiet country roads. On lanes where there's hardly any traffic. Lanes where the grass gets a chance to grow "up the middle".

I've been wanting to join in all summer but up until this week I've always been busy with something else.

It was great to finally make it out. The weather was kind, the company was excellent. Carradice saddlebags were in abundance.

We even stopped to make a coffee. And I took photos.

Let's start with a fine example of "grass up the middle" (spot the bobble hat).

A fine example of Grass Up the Middle

A lucky shot of Steve and Paul, grabbed from the saddle while freewheeling towards the hedge.

Steve and Paul

As we rolled into Tatton Park, the sun came out. It was as if summer had returned.

Rolling into Tatton Park

We rode a dead end track, simply for the joy of riding it.

Paul riding the cobbles

Steve through a railway bridge

Paul also did a nice write up over on the GUTM site, where you'll find more photos from Steve.

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