1. A Microadventure in Edale

    On the last Saturday of January I packed a few things into my rucksack and caught a train to Edale. I was off on what Al Humphreys has named “a microadventure”. My plan was to sleep out in the open, without a tent. When I set off I wasn’t sure where I’d be calling home for the night, but that decision seemed best left until evening.

    Edale Microadventure route

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  2. The Alphabet - one roll of film, shot in one day

    Last weekend I took part in the “Roll in a Day” Flickr group’s monthly challenge. The idea is simple; to use up an entire roll of film in a single day. To make it interesting the group organisers suggest themes that you can focus on, and November’s theme was “The Alphabet”. I set out to take 26 exactly pictures, in alphabetical order.

    The Alphabet – one roll, in one day

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  3. Mountain biking on Knoydart

    Last year I spent a week on Knoydart, a peninsula on the west coast of Scotland that's inaccessible by road. It's one of the most remote inhabited parts of the Scottish mainland, and the scenery is right up my street. This week I went back with the bike.

    Ferry to Knoydart

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  4. Returning to film photography

    In 1986 my Dad took me to a camera shop. We were out shopping for my first proper camera and quickly homed in on a second hand Pentax K1000 with a 50mm f1.7 lens. At the time I didn't appreciate just how good a 50mm f1.7 lens is, and the K1000 (which had only been on the market for eight years) hadn't yet achieved its legendary status.

    If memory serves, it cost £125. That's a serious amount of cash to a twelve year old boy in the mid '80s.

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  5. Autumn colours

    Three photos from a morning stroll round the local nature reserve. The sun was low, the light was flat, but when it shon weakly through the leaves the colours were magic.




    This last one was taken a couple of weeks ago at night, under a street light on the pavement just outside my house. There are some beautiful things right under our noses...


  6. Sailing past the Berney

    I used to come here every year in my late teens for Breydon Regatta. The boats were big and the racing was exciting. Once the fun was over, stories were shared in the beer tent...

    Berney Arms Windmill

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  7. Manchester's Upper Brook Street

    After I left the photo walk at Victoria Baths last weekend, I took a stroll through the area around Manchester University. My fisheye lens was still attached to my camera, and I had fun making interesting shapes out of the local architecture.

    I'm sure there are other interesting ways to use a fisheye, but so far this approach is working for me.


    Booth St, Manchester



    I stopped for some lunch and a coffee, and tried my hand at some candid shots.



    There are more in the full set on Flickr.